Hottinger AG

Tradition is a building block and a commitment to the future

The roots of the Zurich-based Hottinger family reach back to the 15th century. The family's earliest beginnings in banking date back to 1786, the year in which the banking company was founded by Jean-Conrad Hottinger (1764-1841) in Paris. During the following years the family played an important role in developing the French economy and founded many businesses among which are the "Banque de France", the "Caisse d'Epargne de Paris" and the "Compagnie Générale des Eaux". The network of relationships that was built up during that period still plays a fundamental part in the Hottinger AG's success today.

In 1968, the family became active again in its home town Zurich, where it opened its own bank, and subsequently, in 1992, Jean-Philippe, François and Emmanuel Hottinger founded the Hottinger AG. The family’s seventh generation was for the first time represented in the company when Jean-Conrad Hottinger joined Hottinger AG as a partner in 1996.

In order to extend the company's advisory service capacity, a branch office was opened in Geneva in 1999.