Hottinger AG

Permanent monitoring by the state Banking supervisory authorities (FINMA)

Our company carries the state regulated corporate status of a "Wertpapierhaus" (Securities Firm). Companies of this kind possess a licence granted by the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA) in Bern, they comply with the Secrecy Requirements in accordance with art. 69 of the Federal Act of Financial Institutions (FinIA) and they are constantly monitored by this supervisory body. An important task of FINMA is to provide investor depositor protection through risk control, by ensuring that the minimum capital requirements of the company are consistently met. 

As a Securities Firm we are also a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (
SBA). The association was founded in 1912 in Basel as a trade association and today has nearly 300 institutional members and approximately 12,000 individual members. 12 commissions and associated working groups deal with key issues affecting our industry.