Hottinger AG

Our understanding of wealth management

We are of the opinion that personal contact based on transparency and mutual trust is a necessary prerequisite to the successful protection and growth of assets. As such, our activities in this field are not restricted to a specific market segment but are rather more orientated towards the requirements of our individual customers. We therefore avoid reducing our customers to the status of specific profile categories which are subsequently divided into predefined investment models.

Consistently turning a company policy of this type into reality means finding individual and tailor-made solutions for every customer in accordance with that customer's individual goals and wishes as they are defined in detailed discussions with them. By continuously monitoring and analysing a customer's portfolio, we are able to ensure that his or her asset transactions remain within the limits of the customer's defined risk profile and that any changes in the general guidelines, or new trends in the portfolio, will be taken into due consideration. In order to provide this excellent service, we use state of the art information and communication technology. This technology is a prerequisite for a successful and future oriented Wealth Management.

Our asset management policy is based on the proven principle of a stable balance between growth, yield and risk, by way of which we strive for a long-term increase in asset value.

Thanks to the company's manageable size and its culture which both bear the stamp of family tradition and the long-standing experience of the shareholders and staff of Hottinger AG, assurance can be given that individual customer's familial, social and business environment will be considered and respected as a whole.