Hottinger AG

Kunden Notifikation

Dear clients and partners, 

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic declared by the World Health Organisation and the pronouncements of the Swiss Federal Council designed to protect the population, Hottinger AG has been closely monitoring its evolution and ensured timely implementation of the recommendations and decisions made by the Swiss and European governments and relevant health authorities. 

At this moment, we would like to assure you that our top priorities are to ensure the resilience of our operations whilst safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, and to contribute to containing the spreading of the coronavirus

Our offices are fully operational and the various teams can be reached to respond to any of your requests and queries. 

We have implemented our business continuity plan to face the possibility of an office closure, and our operations can be carried out seamlessly from remote locations. Our employees are in a position to connect remotely to the systems they need to perform their day-to-day activities, accessing firm systems by means that maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data.

Our priority is to reduce the risk of infection for our clients and staff. To this end, we are following the recommendations of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and have implemented a number of measures accordingly.

International and national travel of our staff has been severely restricted and participation in external conferences and events has been cancelled for the time being. Whenever possible we have asked our staff to replace meetings with telephone and video conferences..

As a result of these measures, we will be able to maintain an efficient organization, and ensure continuity of our services during these challenging times. 

Hottinger AG will continue to follow the advice of the Swiss FOPH and keep you informed of any further developments.

We thank you for your continued trust. 

Sincerely yours.



Informationsschreiben zum internationalen automatischen Informationsaustausch in Steuersachen (AIA)

(PDF- herunterladen)

Verbindung zur Internetseite des SIF: Staatssekretariat für internationale Finanzfragen über das Thema des Automatischen Informationsaustausch.

Sind meine Einlagen durch die Einlagensicherung geschützt?

Ja, die Hottinger AG ist, wie jede Bank und jeder Effektenhändler in der Schweiz, verpflichtet, die Vereinbarung über die Einlagensicherung der Schweizer Banken und Effektenhändler zu unterzeichnen und ist somit Mitglied der esisuisse.

Die Kundeneinlagen bei schweizerischen Geschäftsstellen der Bank sind bis zu CHF 100 000 pro Kunde (und Bank) gesichert. Als Einlagen gelten auch Kassenobligationen, die im Namen des Einlegers bei der ausgebenden Bank hinterlegt sind. Unter finden Sie alle relevanten Informationen zum System der Einlagensicherung.


Pressemitteilung vom 28. Oktober 2015

Die Hottinger AG ist in keiner Art und Weise vom Konkursverfahren der Bank Hottinger & Cie AG betroffen. Die FINMA informierte über dieses Konkursverfahren am 26. Oktober 2015.  Weiterlesen (PDF)